Jetwing Surf


Overview: Jetwing Surf is a testament to eastern eco-luxury lifestyles with 20 rustic cabanas that dot their private coastline with Arugam Bay only a few minutes away. Built entirely with sustainable materials found in Sri Lanka and favoring natural cooling over artificial, each cabana is designed with intricate rope and woodwork, thatched roofs, woven coconut palm leaves and dried illuk grass to create an environmentally responsible coastal respite with a minimum carbon footprint. Gently resting upon the soft sands of our property, your cabana opens up to the tropical splendor of towering coconut trees and crashing waves of the Indian Ocean, complemented by the warmth of our legendary Sri Lankan hospitality at Jetwing Surf.


An iconic symbol of luxurious eco-tourism on our eastern coastline, the 20 cabanas at Jetwing Surf are sustainable beachfront spaces that welcome you to indulge in coastal comforts. Rustic on the outside yet contemporary on the inside, each bedroom is an evolving testament to Jetwing’s architectural signature of tropical modernism found across Sri Lanka.

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