Jaffna - යාපනය

Jaffna is a fascinating town, with its absorbing mixture of colonial charm and vibrant Tamil culture. The Jaffna Peninsula and surrounding islands offer a string of remote temples, beaches and more off-beat attractions. Typical scenes in Jaffna today include people of all ages cycling home carrying stocks of bananas and firewood on the back of their bicycles.

Traditional Jaffna Crabs.
The cuisine is a real highlight of a visit to this region. The crab and prawn curries are fantastic, and other local treats include fragrant ‘kartha colomban’ mangoes and the Palmyra sweets that come wrapped in woven palm leaf parcels.

Jaffna by Bike:
For a different perspective of the town and brilliant views of the many lagoons and causeways that carves through the water, hire a bike and zip through the town at your own pace. The town has a magical quality, particularly at dusk when the light is breathtaking and fishermen on their bicycles, buses and tuk tuks bounce along it. Cycle around Jaffna Fort, built by the Dutch; admire the old Austen Cambridge taxis and the market place where huge dried fish hang from the beams of the shops, and white-clad pilgrims from the south buy treats to take home to their families. Stop by the grand whitewashed library, once burnt to ashes during the early stages of the island’s conflict.

Nainativu Island:
Journeying to the different islands is a must while in the North! After breakfast this morning, make a slightly cramped ferry crossing along with many pilgrims to the Nagadeepa temple on Nainativu island. Wandering around the Bo tree, and the silver stupa learn how in the fifth year after enlightenment, how the Lord Buddha visited this site to settle a dispute between two Naga kings.

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Nallur Temple at Jaffna
Nallur Kandaswamy temple
Fort Jaffna

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