Wadduwa - වාද්දුව

Wadduwa is a town situated in the western coast of Sri Lanka about 35km south of Colombo. It's a very popular tourist attraction in Sri Lanka, with golden beaches that would enchant anybody in the world. It's also famous for its rich cultivation of coconut palms and as a major producer of toddy & vinegar. It is said that there were many native indigenous doctors in this area in the past. The name for native doctors in Sinalese Language is 'veda mahaththayaa', thus comes the name 'veda doova' meaning the land of the native doctors. It has later become 'Wadduwa'. Wadduwa now has many a popular beach resorts, and the beaches are simply heavenly! (Distance From Colombo : 34 km)

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The Blue Water Hotel and Spa
Bar Reef Resort

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