Kurunegala - කුරුණෑගල

Kurunegala is the capital of the Wayamba Province, Sri Lanka and the Kurunegala District. A transport hub, it has a railway station, and several main roads linking important parts of the country. Distance From Colombo : 94 km It is situated about 94km from Colombo, and 42km from Kandy. Kurunegala has a population of 28,571. Ethagala a rock reaching 316 meters, towers over the town, which is located at an altitude of 116 meters above sea level. Ethagala, (Elephant Rock) is a magnificent creation of nature. The shape of Ethagala resembles an Elephant. An enchanting 88 feet giant Buddha Statue sits on top of the Ethagala, quite a site to be seen... The climate is tropical monsoon, with about 1800 millimeters of rain per year. Maliyadeva College and St. Anne's College are situated in Kurunegala.

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Sri Lanka. Ridi Viharaya or Silver Temple is a 2nd-century BCE Theravada Buddhist temple in the village of Ridigama.
Ridi Viharaya
Arankele Monastery
Athugala Rock
Panduwasnuwara Kingdom

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