Heritage of Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura which was the 1st chronicled capital of ancient Ceylon. Sri Lanka's first capital is situated in the dry zone. It is one of Sri Lanka's premier ancient cities. Attractions: The sacred Bo Tree, temples, Brazen Place, Samadhi Buddha, Kuttam Pokuna, and Mihintale (12 kilometers from Anuradhap ura) - a rock dotted with shrines and dwellings - a grand stairway of 1,840 steps made of granite slabs that leads to a summit with a splendid view of the countryside. Among the ruins of this once magnificent city, Anuradhapura, is the Ruwanvaliseya Temple, situated in the Mahamega Gardens. Built in the second century B.C by King Dutugamunu... It is 100 metres tall, 77 metres wide, and 300 ft in diameter

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