Hot Air Ballooning in Dambulla/Kandalama

Glide majestically above ruined cities, sail over undisturbed wildlife and hover as the sun rises through the morning mist on the horizon: hot air ballooning is a magical treat and there are few better places to do it than Sri Lankas ancient triangle.

With little or no sensation of movement or perception of height, hot air ballooning is a unique and magical way to experience a country. Travelling at the same speed of winds makes for a feeling of sensational tranquility, while the earth rotates beneath you and the views rapidly expand. Those lucky enough to experience Sri Lanka from the air are guaranteed a beautifully peaceful morning flight with the sunrise glimmering through the morning mists on the horizon, little specs of blue and white clothed children making their way to school, wide blue wewas (reservoirs), sleepy meandering rivers, ancient temples and peaceful paddy fields.

The silence is only occasionally broken by a burst of the burners, but otherwise this is a deeply peaceful experience which brings with it a wonderful intimacy with the incredibly landscape of Sri Lanka.

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